(Company Registration No.: LT0031)




Bank Islam Trust Company (Labuan) Ltd (Company No.: LL04013) ("BTL" or "Company") was incorporated as an offshore company under the Offshore Companies Act 1990 on 20 November 2003.


BTL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad. The principal activity of the Company is to carry on business as a trust company in Labuan that offers various services including but not limited to formation and management of offshore company such as provision of registered office, company secretary, resident directors, nominee shareholders, company redomiciliation, agent for the foreign offshore company and accounting services, provision of trustee, custodian and administration services for investment funds, Islamic banking and advisory services, establishment of funds and fund related activities and provision of trustee and waqaf services.


BTL has a wholly owned subsidiary known as BIMB Offshore Company Management Services Sdn Bhd ("BOCM" or "Company") (Company No.: 587171-M). BOCM was incorporated on 23 July 2002 under the Companies Act 1965. The principal activity of the Company is to act as resident corporate secretary and director for offshore companies.




·         Incorporation of Labuan Company

·         Company Secretarial & Administration Services

·         International Business Licenses

·         Islamic Trust

·         Islamic Foundation

·         Custodian

·         Will Writing

·         Estate Administration

·         Faraidh Distribution

·         Application for Employment / Dependent Passes

·         Accounting Services



Registered Office:


Level 5(I), Main Office Tower

Financial Park Complex

Jalan Merdeka

87000 Labuan FT



Tel             :            (6) 087 - 451 806

Fax             :            (6) 087 - 451 808

Email        :            email@bankislamtrust.com.my

Website :            www.bankislamtrust.com.my


Management :


Pn. Masdayana Md Setamam            

Chief Executive Officer/Trust Officer



Mr. Eric Rodriquez Sigutil                  

Head of Legal and Secretarial/Trust Officer



Ms. Nurjanis Kamarudin                       

Head of Operations