Baxian Trust (Labuan) Limited, Company No.: LL11758, is a licensed trust company in Labuan and is authorised to provide trustee and corporate services in Labuan. 


Baxian Trust (Labuan) Limited is the latest member of the Portcullis Group, the largest independent trust, fund and family office service provider in Asia. We offer our suite of services from our offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, British Virgin Islands, Cook Islands, Cayman Islands, Samoa, Seychelles, New Zealand and Labuan.


We leverage on the experienced legal and administrative professionals located in our various offices, to provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure that we meet your business needs.


Baxian Trust (Labuan) Limited offers a comprehensive suite of services, including:


                     Company Incorporation                               

                     Corporate Resident Secretary

                     Director (Corporate)

                     Corporate Shareholder

                     Business Office Services

                     Trade Support Services

                     Trust services and administration

                     Tax Returns

                     Financial Accounts

                     Opening of Bank Account


We welcome direct enquiries from clients and offer competitive prices for our range of services.





Level 7(A), Main Office Tower

Financial Park Labuan Complex

Jalan Merdeka, 87000 Labuan F.T.



Website                     :

Tel                                : (6087)-428433                                        

Fax                                : (6087)-418433

Email                           :




Foo Chee Thong





B A X I A N   T R U S T  ( L A B U A N )  L I M I T E D  (Co. No.: LL11758)

 (Licence No.: LT0063)


A member of the PORTCULLIS GROUP