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Whilst opportunities are abound in offshore centres, it is our informed opinion that client who intends to venture into it for the first time should be properly advised.  The claims of low or nil tax, secrecy and flexibility are too often either too simplified or unrealistic.  You need to go beyond skin-deep approach.  You do not acquire offshore structure which does not work or cannot stand up to scrutiny.  We are here to advise you and recommend you offshore structures that work and can stand up to scrutiny.  These we do either alone or with your advisors.


The image conjures about offshore centres is rarely positive.  At best it is of a place to hide wealth and at the very worst it is of a place where shady deals and dirty money take refuge.  After close to a decade of offshore practice we however find that this image is largely untrue.  Of course there have been centres which were battered with financial scandals before but such scandals did not take place in offshore centres alone.  Major cities like New York, Hong Kong, London, etc have their own share of financial scandals too.


We have been in offshore business for close to a decade now.  It has been challenging but nevertheless interesting and rewarding.  We hope that you too will find your offshore journey interesting and rewarding.




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