PB Trust (L) Ltd was incorporated on 7 November 2003 and registered in the Labuan IBFC on 2 January 2004 under the Labuan Trust Companies Act 1990.  Originally, PB Trust (L) Ltd commenced its trust company business in October 1990 under the name "PB Trust Company Sdn Bhd", before the amendments to the laws governing Labuan Trust Companies took effect in 2003.  It was one of the earliest trust companies established when Labuan was declared as an international offshore financial centre in 1990 and has remained a renowned offshore service provider since.


PB Trust (L) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Public Bank Berhad, one of Malaysia's largest anchor banks.  PB Trust (L) Ltd has access to the Bank's network of over 250 full service branches in Malaysia and at strategic locations in Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Laos and Vietnam.  It also provides services to complement the services offered by PUBLIC BANK (L) LTD, one of the leading licensed Labuan banks operating in Labuan IBFC.


The main objective of PB Trust (L) Ltd is to provide the most courteous and efficient service in every aspect of its business. 


Products & Services

PB Trust (L) Ltd provides the following services to both individuals and corporations:


·         incorporation of Labuan companies;

·         registration of Foreign Labuan companies;

·         provision of Resident Secretary;

·         provision of nominee directors/shareholders;

·         provision of registered office facilities;

·         book-keeping services;

·         provision of tax agent;

·         licence application for Labuan entities;

·         application of working permits and dependent pass; and

·         company search.


General Information

Registered Office :


Level 8(B), Main Office Tower

Financial Park Labuan

Jalan Merdeka

87000 Labuan FT



Tel                                      :  6087-411898

Fax                                      :  6087-451193

Email                                  :  pbtrust@pbtrust.com.my


Contact Person : Mr Fabian Teo