Shearn Skinner Trust  Company Ltd. (SSTC)





SSTC commenced its  trust  company  business  in  Labuan

in 1991. SSTC is a collaboration on 2 prominent legal firms from Penisular Malaysia and Sabah.


As a registered trust company, SSTC provides full incorporation, registration and management services including provisions of  resident  directors  and shareholders, registered office, and full secretarial services; Assistance in application for offshore license and requisite approvals; Comprehensive trust formation and management services; associates will provide supporting legal and accounting services, if required.


Shearn Skinner Trust Company Sdn.  Bhd. (SSTC) was registered under Labuan Trust Companies Act 1990 on 20 March 1991 as a Trust Company in Labuan. Due to the amendments made to the laws governing Labuan Trust Companies, Shearn Skinner Trust  Company Ltd. (SSTC) was duly incorporated and licensed in January 2004 to continue the business.




Trust Services;

Corporate Management Services :

·         Incorporation of Companies

·         Registration of Branches

·         Provision of registered office facility

·         Provisions of resident directors / shareholders

·         Provision of company secretary whose services include the maintenance of statutory records, filing of statutory returns with the Registrar of Companies and Tax Authorities and compliance with statutory requirements

·         Provision of day-to-day company administration services including banking and payroll



Registered Office :


Lot 2 & 3, Level 3,

Wisma Lazenda, Jalan Kemajuan,

P. O. Box 81479,

87024 W. P. Labuan,

East Malaysia


Tel                          :               (6) 087 - 414073 / 414064

Fax                         :               (6) 087 - 413281

Email                     :     

Website               :     


Management :


Mathew Willie                   -              Director



Lilian Chau                          -              Trust Manager