ZI Labuan Trust Company Limited ("ZILTCO") is an established trust company which provides full range of comprehensive and professional services in conducting offshore company incorporations, performing company secretarial functions, acting as Trustee in international notes and bonds issuance market as well as administration and management of Offshore Trusts in Labuan.


ZILTCO was initially commenced in 1996 in the form of ZI Labuan Trust Company Sdn Bhd, but later changed to ZILTCO to be more in line with its identification as an offshore entity in Labuan.  ZILTCO is also the first trust company in Labuan to be accredited with the MS ISO 9001:2000 certification for the provision of corporate secretarial and other professional services.  ZILTCO's proud heritage is further strengthened by its close relationship with its affiliated law firm, Zaid Ibrahim & Co. ("ZICO") which is the largest law firm in Malaysia, and has also benefited from its close collaboration with another affiliated company, ZI Corporate Services Sdn. Bhd. ("ZICS") in Kuala Lumpur.



·         Incorporation of offshore companies;

·         Registration of foreign offshore companies/foreign company as being continued in Labuan;

·         Resident secretary services;

·         Nominee director and nominee shareholder services;

·         Establishment of offshore trusts, banks, insurers, funds/ fund management companies and limited partnership;

·         Trustee services covering international bonds/notes issuance exercise;

·         Provision of advice on leasing, factoring, captive insurance, tax planning, accounting and management services and many more.



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Registered Office:

Unit Level 13 (E), Main Office Tower

Financial Park Labuan Complex

Jalan Merdeka

87000 Federal Territory of Labuan


Tel                          :               (6) 087 - 451 688

Fax                         :               (6) 087 - 453 688

Website               :               'www.ziltco.com.my'


Contact Person(s):

Azizan Mohd Som                                -          General Manager



Effendi Othman @ Osman                -          Legal Counsel



Rita Mohd Sharif                                  -          Corporate Services



Kamaruzaman Ashari                          -        Corporate Services